Wedding Photographer

Wedding Photographer Zürich

Thank you for taking the time to look at my work as wedding photographer.

The Key to stunnig Pictures is a simple one. To get great Images it is important to have a relaxed couple in front of my cam. This is achieved by building a good relationship with my clients. Thats why my work always starts with a meeting in which i will take time to get knowed the peoble who choose me to be their photographer. The second step is a Preshooting which can be used for the invitaiton, so we have a first shooting to meet us better and you can see the first results.

I have develpoed my own style of photography over the years and my knowledge of ligth and compostion is always in process. I hope you find honest and emotive. Photography was always part of my life whether it was in holidays capturing a sunset or catching a great moment in nature.

Please contact me for more informations or a first meeting with me.


wedding photographer zurich

Wedding Photographer Zurich